You’re young, gifted, female and getting ignored at work.   Here are some ways to play nice in the sandbox with a dismissive co-worker and still standout as a corporate powerhouse.

Control what you can control

Your instinct may be to call this person out of their B-S.  Before you go there, you’re better off trying to control how you respond to dismissive behavior.  If your ideas are getting dismissed in team meetings, reach out to a few respected people BEFORE the meeting to get their thoughts on your ideas.  The goal is to get their support, but also consider their watch-outs.  Then, in the meeting socialize the idea to the broader group and mention that you’ve discussed it with a few others in the room.  Getting buy-in before hand, helps build relationships.  Everyone likes being asked their opinion on something


Sometimes we don’t have the luxury of brainstorming ahead of time.  In the moment, if a nay-sayer starts dismissing your ideas, ask them to participate in brainstorming with you.  That way you give them a compelling reason to listen and engage with you.   The two of you can build amazing things together.

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The corporate world needs that brilliance that only you bring.  So go out into the world, act with conviction, be courageous and live joyfully every single day.



Adwoa Dadzie is a Director of Human Resources and Corporate Career Strategist. The views expressed in this post are Adwoa’s and do not reflect the views of her employer. Follow her on Twitter @adwoadadzie3, Instagram @adwoadadzie, Periscope @adwoadadzie3, or visit her at