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4 Ways to Connect with Your New Boss

We’ve all had the experience of getting a new boss.  There are so many “unknowns” about a new leader, it can be difficult to navigate the situation.  This week’s video makes the process easier for you.  Here are 4 quick and fairly easy ways to start building a great relationship with a new boss right away:   Take a page from the book, The First 90 Days and ask yourself:  “How can I get my new boss up to speed faster?” Communicate with your new leader in the style, method and frequency that your leader prefers instead of expecting...

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What to Talk About in your One-On-Ones

Have you ever had a one-on-one with your boss and had no idea what to talk about?  The key to having amazing one-on-ones is to discuss things OTHER than the regular to-dos on your list.   Don’t get me wrong, your boss needs to know you’re doing, so the status updates are fine to start with.  However………the best one-on-ones for you are the ones that focus ON you.   This week’s video goes into way more detail, than what you see below, but if you’re super pressed for time, here’s the ADHD version: Know your purpose for the meeting....

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Rebound from a Bad Work Decision

We’ve all made a bad decision that left us running for cover.  The good news is that making a mistake isn’t necessarily a career killer.  In this week’s video, we’ll discuss how you bounce back from a bad decision and emerge feeling confident and and empowered. Leave a comment on the video and if you’re digging it, please share the content.  You never know how you’ll empower another woman to change the world with one simple video share.  🙂  If you haven’t subscribed yet, you seriously will want to do that.  🙂 The corporate world needs that unique gift that...

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Give Abundantly without Burning Out

You’ve been taught all your life “it’s better to give than to receive”. So you go on giving for years to various people, to the point that you feel like yelling, because you are so over being a giver.  Of course you continue to give because that’s what nice people like you do.  🙂 This is what scientists affectionately call generosity burnout. In this week’s video, we discuss the concept and how you can give to your heart’s content without feeling like you got run over by a truck. Watch the video below for more details. Leave a comment...

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Go From Office Cynic to Optimist in 24 Seconds

Remember when you met the new guy with the weak handshake so you immediately decided he wasn’t fit for the job?  Or that time your coworker came to a meeting with a head full of wet hair and you decided she was incompetent?  Or maybe the office “know it all” was about to spout out another idea and you cut him/her off because you were just not in the mood? We all have moments of cynicism at work, eve if it’s not your normal state.  However, even a brief moment of cynicism can have long term negative impact at...

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