Have you ever had a one-on-one with your boss and had no idea what to talk about?  The key to having amazing one-on-ones is to discuss things OTHER than the regular to-dos on your list.  

Don’t get me wrong, your boss needs to know you’re doing, so the status updates are fine to start with.  However………the best one-on-ones for you are the ones that focus ON you.  

This week’s video goes into way more detail, than what you see below, but if you’re super pressed for time, here’s the ADHD version:

Know your purpose for the meeting.  Your boss may have scheduled it, but one-on-ones are really for you.  Don’t limit it to regular status updates.  Think through what’s important, concerning or impactful to you and discuss that.  

Have key questions ready.  Nothing says boring like radio silence.  

Use your one-on-ones as feedback moments.  Simply asking the question “If you were me, what changes would you make?” can give you a TON of insight.

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The corporate world needs that unique gift that only you bring.  So go out into the world, act with conviction, be courageous and live joyfully every single day.