You want a career you’re inspired by that makes a positive impact on the world, but you are struggling to elevate yourself.  If you give me 10 sessions, I will give you my renowned DESTINYTM Career Success framework to develop and market yourself without being annoying, a man-eater or a hater.

What This Isn’t:  

  • A get promoted super fast and be a VP in 5 months kind of thing
  • A fake, phony approach to being another corporate man-eater

What This IS: 

A personalized program that will make the process of career development  easier for you, which saves you time, reduces your anxiety and gets you posted.  So when those incredible opportunities come a-knocking you are by far the obvious choice!

What You Get: 

  • Ten (10) 1:1 60 minute coaching sessions tailored to your specific needs, questions + concerns via phone or Google Hangout over the course of three months
  • Personalized action plans and strategies to get you feeling empowered inspired in how you add some fire to your career and life
  • 30, 60 and 90 day post coaching check-in via phone or Google Hangout after our last session together
  • PLUS surprise bonus items that are exclusive to my VIP Coaching clients