There’s no denying it, networking is a powerful tool for your career game.  More importantly, the higher up you get, the more critical building your network is.  It’s the key to getting strategic, senior-level roles, since most six-figure jobs are never posted

Networking isn’t always easy, especially if you’re not known for “working the room”.  Over the years, I’ve learned that networking is about connecting with people.  It’s more about quality than quantity.

70% of jobs are obtained through referrals or networking

Below, you’ll learn how to build a network that’ll make you more powerful in the office and out. 

Spend time on LinkedIn.  Strategically connect on LinkedIn with thought leaders and relevant leaders in your desired industry.  Draft a short message explaining why you’d like to connect and periodically like their updates and comment on their posts.  This is a great way to maintain the social relationship.

Build together. Collaboration is an important aspect of networking.  As women, research shows we’re open to sharing ideas and advice and we don’t collaborate on projects that will drive performance outcomes.  Since high performance is a no-brainer for career advancement, collaborating is one way to drive your career goals.

Only 14% of women collaborate on projects as a way to network

Talk about your goals openly. As women, we often don’t express with clarity what our career goals are.  We keep them private, like they’re our little secret.  A Harvard research study recently showed that only 4% of women share their career goals openly with others.  Sharing your goals with others may actually help them become a reality.  After all, any leadership vision, including the leadership of your own career, involves clearly articulating a vision. 

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Adwloa Dadzie is a Director of  Human Resources for a Fortune 500 corporation and Career Strategist.  The views expressed in this post are Adwoa’s and do not reflect the views of her employer.