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5 Steps to the Best Performance Review Ever!

Let’s be honest, writing your own self-assessment can be nerve racking. You want to highlight the positives, but you know your boss will also mention the negatives. Researchers are just as torn on the topic. Dick Grote, author of “How to be Good at Performance Appraisals” thinks Self Assessments aren’t the best way to assess performance because we’re horrible judges of our own work. Regardless of how you feel about self-assessments, they’re likely here to stay. The best way to handle it is to learn how to deal with it. For your career pleasure, here are 5 steps to...

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How to Write A Killer Post-Interview Thank You Note

Competition to get that perfect job is fierce. You rocked the interview, but the process isn’t over yet. Within 24 hours of the interview, 75% of employers are secretly waiting for you to submit something – a concise yet effective, thank you note. 36% of candidates send a thank you note post interview, but 75% of employers expect it. Considering that a whopping 64% of candidates fail to do this, a Thank You note could be that extra luster you need to land the gig. However, not just any note will do. Here are 7 things to consider before...

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